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Antibiotic, Distribution & Recovery

Expected Impacts

Successful execution of the AB-DIRECT project will provide multiple long-term direct impacts for the antibacterial scientific and medical communities, the EU research community and patients in the EU and globally.  Impacts include:

  • Addressing the global need for new treatment options for infections caused by key bacterial pathogens (resistant N. gonorrhoea and MDR E. coli are on the high and urgent priority list of WHO pathogens respectively);
  • Enhancing the pipeline of treatment options for bacterial infections of the pharynx or prostate by determination of the tissue penetration characteristics of a novel mechanism of action antibiotic,
  • Continuing the history of EU-based PPP clinical research to deliver new knowledge and treatment options for AMR (e.g. the ND4BB COMBACTE suite of programmes);
  • Contribute to the scientific understanding of the translational aspects across species and of the use of tissue distributions to refine anti-infective dosing recommendations;
  • Thereby developing scientifically and regulatory sound pathways that will allow for more efficient development of novel antibiotics in the future;
  • Fulfilling one goal of the European One Health Action Plan against AMR “to increase the development and availability of new, effective antimicrobials inside and outside the EU”;
  • Fulfilling the IMI2 JU objective to develop new therapies for diseases with high unmet medical need and/or limited market incentives.